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Tim Kuhl is a drummer, composer, percussionist, producer, and band leader. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD as one of five boys in a musical household, he studied classical and jazz forms before leaving home for New York City. He has toured and recorded with a diverse range of artists in addition to having been a full time member of many NYC bands like The Izzys, Invisible Familiars, and the experimental group Little Worlds, whose Bela Bartok interpretations have garnered international critical praise.

As a composer he has released a number of self-produced jazz and experimental records culminating in 2012's St. Helena, which featured an all-star cast of New York music luminaries. He is presently touring and recording as a full member of Sean Lennon's The GOASTT.


1982 is Tim Kuhl's follow-up effort to 2012's critically acclaimed St. Helena. Composed of sprawling soundscapes and taut electronic production, 1982 was conceived and composed on an iPad while touring the world playing drums with Sean Lennon's The GOASTT. While on a break from traveling, Kuhl brought the songs to co-producer and NYC engineer Joshua Valleau (WOLVVES, John Legend, etc), together they fleshed out the textures and sounds around the compositions. The album features collaborations with Satomi Matsuzaki (Deerhoof), poet Geoffrey Bankowski, and Grey McMurray.


Tim Kuhl - Drive from Lee Gingold on Vimeo.

Drive - From the album 1982
Music composed by Tim Kuhl ©
Dance by Anna Copa Cabanna
Lyrics written and performed by Geoffrey Bankowski
Guitar by Ryan Mackstaller
Directed by Lee Gingold
Additional photography by Sam Mason

Special thanks to Nathan West

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Tim Kuhl spent years immersed in Symphonic, Orchestral, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Big Band and Small Group, Latin Jazz, Commercial, Jazz Guitar, Theater (Pit Percussion), Modern Classical Composer's Concert. He pursued classical percussion studies with Dale Rauschenberg and Michelle Humphreys and drum set with Jon Seligman. This diverse and ardent work has resulted in a masterful approach to the drum kit. His unique style and respect have made Kuhl an integral part of the Brooklyn music landscape and a transformative part of outfits that span many musical genres beyond jazz, including avant-garde, rock, and songwriter. They have also taken him around the U.S. and to many other countries.

Kuhl's extensive technical ability and what is always a creative, dynamic approach to the kit, never prevent him from searching for the heart of the matter. As he says, if the emotion is there, you can do plenty with one note. This attention to detail and supreme ability to listen, to recognize a feeling in one quiet sound, help explain his interests and evolution as a composer. Ghost (2008) balanced musicians from the Baltimore scene with that of New York. King (2009) brought together two voracious guitarists with contrasting styles to great effect. Doomsayer (2011) explored the threat and genius of musical freedom. And his last album, St. Helena (2012), values deeply something subtle and even cinematic.

"Drummer-composer Tim Kuhl purveys a mix of earthy groove and spacious, subtly emotive melody." - Time Out NY

"Tim Kuhl has himself up in the mix and is an ever present force." - All About Jazz