Kyle Forester

Image ofKyle Forester

Kyle Forester cut his psych-pop teeth as keyboardist in Crystal Stilts and The Ladybug Transistor, and his first solo LP scatters nods to those days throughout a 12-song statement of purpose that aims for the moment when resignation meets clear-eyed hope. The record's awash in late-afternoon reflectiveness reminiscent of Beck's "Sea Change", with echoes of Brian Eno's "Another Green World" clattering up and down the spines of the songs. A 70's troubadour vibe pulls the coasts together, exploring unreal streets where the wolf kings of LA find themselves prowling downtown NYC.

At first listen you might think you remember these melodies from somewhere, but that's just because their warmth is drawing you closer to realizing you've been pining for what you already have, and now that the right kind of light is shining down, you can finally see it.


Kyle Forester was recorded over the course of 2015 at home and at Marlborough Farms, Brooklyn with Gary Olson and mixed with Matt Boynton at The Magic Shop, NYC. It will be available on LP and cassette via Flying Moonlight Records on May 20th, 2016.