Erin Durant

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Photo by Xavier Ames
Erin Durant is a New Orleans raised, Brooklyn based songwriter and musician. Her music mixes equal parts silence to sound with hyper-visual, story-based lyrics. Durant's first full-length, Blueberry Mountain draws on apparition-like storytelling, and her strategic use of reverb and room sound are reminiscent of Violeta Parra and the grit of Springsteen's Nebraska. The result is refreshingly anachronistic, creating a minimalism all of her own, a music born of discernment as much as of sentiment.

Blueberry Mountain

"Then she took her seat at the piano. Wood-warmed notes flowed out over the room. She sang, a high clear voice with curls in it." - The New York Times

"Her voice is both dazzling and sweet and it carries you off in its loving arms." - Kath Bloom