Dallas Acid

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After two years of deep space sonic exploration, Dallas Acid returns to Earth in 2016 with a new double LP. "Original Soundtrack" leads you past distant stars, diving into pulsars of shifting sound waves, swimming through black holes screaming with white noise, and serenely floating past remnants of ancient supernovae. This record chronicles the fantastic energy that led them on this sonorous journey. The listener is piloted by primordial rhythms, and invited to step out of the vessel to meet the nearest bright stars, inviting us to channel a singular event, the beginning of the universe.

Original Soundtrack

"The album feels like a stroll through a theme park of a universal collective unconscious, not a traditional park in the sense of animatronic monsters and spandex re-enactors, but the total immersion of 21st century VR where the end of the ride finds people with their head in their hands or staring off into space, trying to come to terms with what has just happened. Because this is not the showboating "psychedelic" music of frantic fuzz guitar jabs and jarring keyboard accents, but a true mind-altering experience."

- John Clark